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Bricknic Sidekick Sauce

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Need a sidekick to your Bricknic? Our hot and fruity sauce is the perfect sidekick to any meal. Watch out though she may be a little spicy. Luring you in with her sweet blackberry and black current kisses, then giving you a solid habanero kick. Not enough to hurt you though, so you’ll be running back for more and more. Seriously you can try her with anything, why not try as a base to a bloody-marry?

She’s sweet, spicy, and enhanced with lime making for a truly unique hot sauce to add to your collection. Our Bricknic Sidekick Sauce is an artisanal product produced in small batches in Germany using 100% natural ingredients. Zero preservatives, zero additives, zero regrets.



-> Blackcurrants
-> Onion
-> Paprika
-> Blackberries
-> Brandy Vinegar
-> Tomato
-> Lime Juice
-> Sugar
-> Water
-> Garlic
-> Habanero Chili

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information per 100ml

-> Energy 296kJ / 70kcal
-> Fat 0g
-> of which saturated fats 0g
-> Carbohydrates 15.3g
-> of which sugar 11g
-> Protein 1.2g
-> Salt 0.00g


-> shipping only available within EU countries

Additional Information

-> Store in a cool dry place.
-> Shake well before use
-> Refrigerate after opening
-> May contain traces of seeds
-> Produced in Germany
-> Developed in the Netherlands

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